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Created By KarinRecommended By Karin

Created by Karin

Rhythm Book 1

This is a beginning music workbook that I wrote and use in my own teaching. Any music teacher (piano or otherwise) can use this workbook to teach a student about rhythm.

London Bridge

I arranged this beginning-level piano sheet music of the folk song. It uses a notehead-only notation style to simplify reading for students who already know how the rhythm should sound.

Recommended by Karin

Functional Ear Trainer

(Google Play store)

Functional Ear Trainer

(Apple App store)

I recommend this ear training app because it focuses on how tones sound within scales rather than on individual intervals. I find the scale-centric method to be more efficient.

The Way To Stay In Destiny


This is a novel for middle school kids. It is a well-written story about a boy who loves piano and baseball but must deal with an uncle who doesn’t understand him.

The Forest Of Wool And Steel


This is a novel for adults. I recommend this because it is a beautifully written story about a young man in Japan who becomes a piano tuner.

The Bear And The Piano


This is a children's picture book. I recommend this because both the plot and the pictures gorgeously illustrate the reward of learning music.

Bud, Not Buddy


This is a novel for middle school kids. I recommend this because it is a compelling story about an orphan searching for his musician father.