Lesson FAQ

How much do lessons cost?
Lessons cost $75 USD per hour. All lesson workbooks and teaching materials are included in the lesson price.

How can I pay for lessons?
PayPal is my preferred method of payment, but I will consider other forms of electronic payment.

Where do you teach lessons?
Lessons are 100% online. You can take lessons from almost anywhere around the globe. We will choose a video communication tool that works well for both of us.

How long and how often are lessons?
Lessons are typically one hour long and once per week. I am happy to consider other configurations.

When are lessons available?
Teaching hours are Pacific Time Zone daytime and evening hours, Monday through Friday. Flexibility is possible.

What ages do you teach?
I teach ages 6 through adult, as long as the student is able to appropriately engage in the video call for the duration of the lesson. Young students can be assisted by the presence of an adult on their side. Some students may need to wait until they are older.

What levels do you teach?
I teach beginner through advanced.

What skills do the lessons cover?
Lessons cover many musical skills but will always focus on the areas the student is most interested in. Example skills included are: playing by ear, reading music, improvising, composing, and arranging. Music theory is always included, because it relates to each musical skill.

Do you teach other instruments besides piano?
For students who are learning other instruments or voice, while I cannot teach them technique for their primary instrument, I can teach them ear training, improvisation, reading music, composition, and theory.